August 22, 2013

Hillary's Rave Faves

1.  Cooking, eating, and talking about Greek food:  After trying Georges Greek Cafe last month I am so totally hooked on Greek food.  I am loving the fresh crispness of a Greek salad with feta cheese, olives, red onions, and an olive oil dressing.  Yummy!

2.  Meg Jay's book and TED Talk:  If you anywhere between 18 and 27 and feel a little lost in this world whenever you think about your career path or becoming an adult in the "real world," then you HAVE to read this book and watch this youtube video.  It will help you to pinpoint your goals and will demystify the pivotal years ahead. 

3.  Speaking of TED Talks: You've probably heard of them but if you haven't... TED talks are 5 to 25 minute lectures (available for viewing here) that various people give about a topic of interest to them.  Some of them you will totally disagree with, some of them you will enjoy, and some of them will change you.  Here are a few of my favorites:

4.  Closet Cleaning: I love to thrift store shop to find unique pieces to experiment with my wardrobe.  As a result, though, I now have a closet over stuffed with pieces that were bought on a whim (it's only 50 cents, how could I not get it?!).  But these items don't necessarily fit or feel quite right.  I am now determined to curate my closet to just have the things I know I will wear and feel good in.  Last summer I updated to all uniform hangers and it really makes a huge difference and visually makes a closet look more inviting.  Now it's time to weed out the excess (and stop buying for a while).  This video really helped motivate me let go of the items that I know deep down I won't wear.  Goodwill donation center, here I come!

5.  The idea and practice of sharing meals with loved ones:  I love cooking and food but it is so much sweeter when shared with others.  I am dying to read Bread and Wine (by Shawna Niequist)!

August 18, 2013

DIY: Braided Hemp with Beads Necklace

Who new that a red beaded necklace could become such a staple?! After tinkering around my craft closet the other day, I got inspired and decided to whip up this this simple necklace.  I have found that it goes with about 75% of the things in my closet and is the perfect accessory for spicing up a plain outfit.  I love the juxtaposition of the rough brown hemp with the slick bright beads.  Very eclectic and (dare I say) Anthropologie-esque.