About Me.

Hello! My name is Hillary and this is my blog – Truffles and Ruffles – which I started the summer of 2010 as a creative outlet and platform to share my adventures with cooking, designing, and Los Angeles living.  I am humbled to also get to share snippets of this exciting journey with friends, family, and readers.  

Here is what you should know about me:

Major? Economics.
Hobbies? Snowboarding, Crafting, Fashion, Writing, Cooking, The Outdoors.
Family? Dadda, Momma, and Brother.
Home? Live in Los Angeles.  Grew up in Southern California.
What keeps me busy? CRU, My Job, Studying, My Wonderful Friends and Family.
Most Important? Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.
Likes? Country Music, Smell of BBQ Briquettes, Camping, Summer, Red Vines, Boots and Scarves, Blogging, Yellow, Puppy Paws, Fish Tacos, and Spontaneous Adventures. 
Dreams? Right Here.

Thanks for joining me!