Life List.

I recently compiled a list of 100 goals I'd like to achieve, adventures I'd like to take, and experiences I'd like to have at some point during my life.  I would like to think that most of these things are pretty realistic and attainable aspirations (Ehh-some more than others...  A girl can dream though, right? Smile.).  To some they may be mediocre.  To some they may be foolishly impractical.  And that is ok, because everyone has their own dreams and aspirations.  As humans, we have been fearfully and wonderfully made by a creator who cares enough about us to make us unique and special in our very own ways.  For this I am very grateful.

I would also recommend this exercise, of making a "life list," to anyone who thinks they might enjoy it.  It has been really interesting to see patterns in the kinds of things that I would like to do in my life and to discover what is really important to me at this point in my life.  I'm sure this list will evolve as I get older.  It may take a little while to think of a hundred things... but like Nike says, just do it!

  1. Get married to the man who is “God’s best” for me
  2. Travel to India
  3. Make delicious beef stroganoff
  4. Have a baby boy
  5. Have a baby girl
  6. Make and keep a list of all the books I have ever read (or at least the ones I can remember)
  7. Go on a missions trip to a third world country
  8. Save up to buy a house
  9. Have my first “real job”
  10. Keep a vegetable garden
  11. Travel to places mentioned in the Bible
  12. Study abroad
  13. Travel someplace far on a train
  14. Walk on the Great Wall of China
  15. Live by a body of water (lake, ocean, or river.)
  16. Take yoga classes on a regular basis
  17. Live in a house with some of my best friends - starting September 2011
  18. Donate Blood Platlets 
  19. Have a DIY wedding that I plan with my mom
  20. Transfer over to skiing when I am 24 (I have snowboarded since I was 6.  Skiing is more classy.)
  21. Adopt a dog (lab or golden)
  22. Run a 5K in a short time
  23. Work at a Christian summer camp
  24. Decorate a house that I own
  25. Mentor women who are younger than me
  26. Learn to surf
  27. Invite my closest friends over for a dinner party October 2011
  28. Learn to dance
  29. Go to a castle in Europe
  30. Go to New York City during Christmas time
  31. Hike Half Dome at Yosemite
  32. Make a piece of furniture
  33. Recreate my grandmas’ favorite recipes
  34. Own a really nice camera and learn to take beautiful pictures on it
  35. Be a stay at home mom
  36. Work for my favorite magazine
  37. Live in downtown Pasadena
  38. Work at Anthropologie
  39. Own a horse
  40. Have fun neighbors (the kind that you would want to have a block party with)
  41. Have a girl’s weekend in Palm Springs
  42. Graduate from UCLA
  43. Start new holiday traditions with my husband (and keep old ones)
  44. Start a Blog
  45. Go to an outdoor concert
  46. Make a quilt
  47. Eat Thai food in Thailand
  48. Get fried ice cream from Estero hotel restaurant in Ensenada, Mexico [again]
  49. Learn a second language (my Spanish is not up to par)
  50. Go on a backpacking trip with my brother and dad
  51. Subscribe to National Geographic Magazine
  52. Go snowboarding with my fiance (who will hopefully be great boarder)
  53. Get proposed to around Christmas Time (in front of the light up star near my parent’s house)
  54. Travel to Greece
  55. Go to Salvation Mountain in Niland, California  (I've visited twice)
  56. Own a Porsche Cayenne (not really, but kinda.  It is such a pretty car!)
  57. Collect a library of books that I love
  58. Get a spray tan
  59. Be a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding
  60. Go to New Orleans and eat beignets on a little patio while listening to jazz music
  61. Learn to use fresh herbs in my cooking
  62. Take my children to visit their grandparents at the house that I grew up in
  63. Have a career that allows me to be creative
  64. Plan a big party
  65. Host Christmas dinner at my home with all my family and my future husband's family
  66. Watch my Children get married some day
  67. Live in a state other than California
  68. Go on a trip with friends - New Years San Diego Trip 2012
  69. Watch the Olympic games in person
  70. Be used by God to pray with someone to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior
  71. Take bike rides on a regular basis
  72. Follow a Bible reading plan so that I know for sure that I have read through the whole book
  73. Pay for someone’s dinner anonymously
  74. Allow someone in need to live in my home
  75. Acquire a taste for coffee
  76. Live in a major city
  77. Buy a car
  78. Learn to sing on tune
  79. Have one really big birthday party
  80. Go on a date where we go sailing
  81. Be a fun aunt to my brother’s children
  82. Learn to do the splits (again)
  83. Have a craft and sewing room
  84. Meet my in laws
  85. Drink a glass of wine with a big bowl of spaghetti in Italy
  86. Raise children who love the Lord
  87. Visit Cape Cod
  88. Go to a movie at the theater by myself
  89. Have a visible six pack
  90. Teach a Sunday school class at church
  91. Have a porch swing
  92. See a play on Broadway
  93. Help build a home for habitat for humanity
  94. Go to Barcelona, Spain to see Antoni Gaudi’s Casa Batllo
  95. Memorize my favorite Bible scriptures
  96. First kiss
  97. Shake hands with a president
  98. Keep a consistent journal - since June 2009
  99. Adopt a child
  100. Trust and Obey my Heavenly Father with the plans that he has for my life
Care to join me?